The program is for beginner level children from the age of 4yrs to 11yrs, and is especially effective for both visual and auditory learners. 

Research has shown that by playing simple games, using words and pictures help you to learn a new language far easier.

Without any knowledge of Mandarin, this learning resource will empower you to mentor the children and enable you to learn alongside your class. It has been found that children respond better when their teachers accompany them on their learning journey.

From our research we found that children can tune out and become disinterested very quickly. We at Ma Ma Chong, put this at the forefront to get the balance right by introducing variety, together with an element of fun.

There are a total of 33 lessons, which are broken up into an average of six different activities, these allow the children to focus for longer, without them even realising it. 

The other added bonus is that there is minimal preparation time needed to conduct the lessons.

It is important that children are engaged and inspired, which keeps them motivated. Our blended learning resource ensures the child's success. 

​By the end of the course the child will have a solid foundation of vocabulary, together with enhanced listening, speaking and reading skills.