Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Ma Ma Chong Resource Kit?

The resource kit empowers teachers and work from home entrepreneurs, to be able to teach Chinese Mandarin to children, without any prior knowledge of knowing Mandarin. You will be getting to learn the language along side your children.

Q2. Do I need to be a teacher?

No you don't have to be a teacher, although  being a teacher would benefit you. We feel that as long as you enjoy working with children, are fluent in English, articulate and a good communicator, you will succeed and reap the rewards of teaching this vibrant Modern Language.

Q3. Is Ma Ma Chong a Franchise?

We are not a Franchise in the true sense of charging Royalties, but have chosen to provide our resources under a license agreement. You will have use of Brand and Logo.

Q4. Do you charge Royalties?

There are no royalties to pay on your annual turnover, we charge a flat annual license fee, which is used for further ongoing development and updates to the resources, marketing materials, advertising and email administration. 

Q5. How much does it cost?

Please Contact us for full pricing. Your overheads will be low, with a good cash flow. Other expenses to consider would be promotional material such as pamphlets and advertising. A Disclosure and Barring Service check fee would be required see question 12. You would also need a public liability insurance policy. These policies can vary in price and are dependent on what you want covered, there are comparison websites out there but they are not always the cheapest. Direct line for example quote public liability insurance from as little as £55.00 per year, they are not on a comparison website.

Q6. Do I need to have an internet connection to run the classes?

No internet connection is required. All our lessons are run offline, we don't believe in sitting children in front of a screen with a set of headsets is very beneficial. Our classes are facilitated by the instructor.

Q7. What would I need to run a class?

Apart from your Resource Kit, it will depend on whether you are teaching in a school, or have hired a room in a community hall. Teachers could utilise their current smart boards or monitors to display content and the short video clips. If you are running the classes from your home, or library for example that doesn't have a monitor, you could run the program on a laptop or iPad. We would assist you in your options, as it will be dependent on the number of children in your class etc.

Q8. What are the hours?

The hours you work will be dependent on you, the benefit of our Resource kit, is that you could easily employ a team of instructors to teach in different centres, or after school clubs, or cover your own classes whilst you take time off. As there is no need to know the language it would be easier to recruit additional team members. Create a lifestyle that suits you. 

Q9. What territories are available?

Under our license agreement you are not restricted to any areas, which will enable you to expand to meet your own needs. Apart from no restrictions on geographical areas, you could easily move your business with you, should you need to move home. You have the ability to setup classes and employ work from home mums to take a class in any area.

Q10. What is provided in the Resource Kit?

Apple Mac Mini Computer


Apple wireless keyboard

Apple wireless mouse

Monitor 32 inch

Bose Speaker
Answer light consoles
Clear pockets
Teachers Manual
Micro fibres
Dry marker pens
Flash card packs
Activity pack brochure
A6 Storage box
A4 Storage box
Lesson one worksheets
Lesson one bingo sheets
Resource kit storage box

Monitor carry case



Extension lead


Screw driver

​Apple care protection

Q11. What would be my employment status?

You would be self employed and be responsible for your own National Insurance and Taxes, you will be in control of the hours you work.

Q12. What clearances would I need to work with children?

Please refer to the following websites for information on Disclosure and Baring Service checks formerly Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks. Other website contacts are We would assist you to obtain the appropriate clearance. 

Q13. What training and support is provided?

An overview manual together with a teachers training manual is provided. You will be able to start a class with minimal preparation. We will provide photo copies of the first lesson, which are reusable thanks to the clear pockets provided in your resource kit. You will also have access to email and telephone support.

Q14. Do I need to be able to speak Mandarin?

You don't have to speak Mandarin to teach our course, we have carefully chosen a fluent native Mandarin speaker to enable correct pronunciation. The course is specifically designed to enable teachers to learn the language alongside the children. 

Q15. Do I need my own transport?

The resource box kit can be easily carried, so strictly speaking you wouldn't need your own transport, but obviously it would be beneficial to have your own transport, especially if you have multiple training venues setup and you have time constraints in getting from one centre to the other.

Q16. Are there any work or residency restrictions?

You must have been resident in the UK for a minimum of 12 months, and if not a member of the EU, you must be eligible to work in the UK.

Q17. Is Ma Ma Chong available to teach in other countries?

Our Resource Kit can be used to teach in all countries. You would need to check what requirements would be needed for your specific country, with regard to permits for working with children. There would also be additional charges for shipping and Customs tariffs. Should you require further information, please contact us via email and we would be happy to assist in providing additional costings.

Ma Ma Chong Teaching Chinese Mandarin Resources Under License